Clustering NBA Shot Charts -Part 2

My previous blog post showed how cluster-able NBA shot charts were. I recently made a few improvements to the model and looked into things that I didn’t look into in the previous article. A quick summary of that article is that I generated a 14 dimensional vector with shot frequencies for different locations on the […]

Clustering NBA Shot Charts – Part 1

Methodology In the NBA, we often assign labels to players, not really looking in depth on what constitutes these labels. Something that we can do to figure out the “definition” of these labels and see whether these labels actually exist is to use an algorithm known as k-means-clustering to cluster shot charts (to find similar […]

How useful (or useless) are preseason statistics for rookies?

Zion Williamson has been phenomenal this preseason for the New Orleans Pelicans. This has led to various opinions in the basketball world on how Zion will perform in the regular season. Some say that Zion is going to be an All-Star in his rookie season. In fact, Stephen A. Smith made the bold claim that […]

A Quick 3 or a Quick 2?

Nearly every day in the NBA (playoffs included), there are close games that come down to the wire. We see teams with 3, 4, or 5-point deficits with only a shot-clock remaining quite often, and one of the questions commentators always ask during this situation is: Do you go for the quick 2 and intentionally […]

Playmaking in the Playoffs vs. the Regular Season

The 2019 NBA Playoffs have been excellent, with teams playing at their absolute best. We’ve seen teams like the Warriors and the Bucks absolutely dominate, but how have these teams, along with other teams, changed their playmaking strategies? For instance, if we look at the Bucks in the Playoffs, they have obviously decided to make […]

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